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What's New On NC 73?

Welcome to the NC 73 Council of Planning web site. The Council of Planning is a multi-jurisdictional body tasked with monitoring and managing the NC 73 corridor, a 35-mile section of rapidly developing communities in the northern parts of the Charlotte, North Carolina region.

This web site contains a history of the project, the actual plan, contact information, member governments and their development regulations, proposed development and land use changes, and ways for you to get involved and voice your opinion.

Visit What's New On NC 73
to help NC 73 "Build for Tomorrow".

Click here to review the existing 2013 and proposed 2050 land use patterns along the corridor.

The next meeting of the COP is scheduled for early to mid September in the Huntersville Town Hall.
Staff Contact: Blair Israel, Centralina Council of Governments 704-372-2416
Visit the NCDOT web site on NC 73
Click on Peer Review to review submitted plans along NC 73.

Click here to learn more about the updated NC 73/Poplar Tent Road Small Area Plan.